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    • Surreal Landscape Escape
      The last you remember was you at a restaurant eating and chatting with friends and you even went shopping and after it, you went home. By the time you arrived, you went immediately to your room and fell asleep. But why you’re in a strange place. How will you escape from there?
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    • Mysterious Summer Forest Escape
      Which is better place to get some summer fruits than inside a forest? Here you can find such a big variety of fruits. And besides being free, it’s also natural, without all those chemicals like at the grocery. So one morning you took a basket and went to explore the summer forest in search of […]
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    • Chestnut Forest Escape
      After a long and hot summer, it’s time to collect harvest in the autumn. Autumn is the only season which you love, because in the autumn there are plenty of chestnuts. You love eating chestnuts and would anything to get as much as possible. So you went all by yourself to explore the forest and […]
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    • Red Sun Beach Escape
      Red Sun Beach Escape is the latest point and click escape game released by Ainars and Zeb for EscapeFan. Carefully investigate each location of the sunny beach, complete various semi-difficult tasks and solve puzzles in order to find banknote for the elephant!Continue »
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EscapeFan Dog World Escape

dog-world-escape-game-1EscapeFan Dog World Escape is new escape game released by Ainars and Zeb for Escape Fan. Investigate each view of the magic world of dogs and search for clues to solve puzzles and obtain alluminium key in order to unlock mushroom house entrance and escape from this place. Good luck! Play Dog World Escape

Dog World Escape Walkthrough

Hamster House Escape

hamster-house-escape-gameHamster House Escape is the latest escape game released by Escape Fox. Explore house obtain items and complete all tasks in order to escape. Have fun!

Play this game here

Hamster House Escape Walkthrough

Fruits Forest Escape

fruits-forest-escape-game-1Fruits Forest Escape is the latest escape game released by Ainars and Zeb for Escape Fan. Explore magic forest and obtain mysterious acorn key to unlock house entrance and escape inside. Best!

Play this fantastic game here


Fruits Forest Escape Walkthrough

Halloween Basement Escape

halloween-basement-escape-game-2Halloween Basement Escape is the latest game from most popular escape games site Escape Fan. Explore mysterious basement, encounter ghosts and obtain artifacts in order to solve puzzles and escape. Have fun!

Play Halloween Basement Escape

Fantasy Land Escape

the-fantasy-land-escape-1-315x220Fantasy Land Escape is colourful point and click escape game based on “Glitch” world graphics and animation. Explore lands, search for various items like Thor hammer, ancient cubes and many more. Obtain 5 mysterious cubes and 1 exit key to unlock passage in to the dark underworld to complete this game. Have fun!

Play Fantasy Land Escape

Kassa Room Escape

Kassa Room Escape is brand new point and click escape the room game developed by Ainars for NewEscapeGames.info. Explore room which is located in old hungarian town named Kassa. Obtain various items and use them to escape. Good luck and great fun!


Play Kassa Room Escape

Blackberry Room Escape

Blackberry Room Escape is point’n click escape the room type game brought to you by Ainars, sponsored by Escape Fan. Explore blackberry house, search for items and tools to solve puzzles and unlock exit. Have fun!


Play Blackberry Room Escape


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