Military Esacpe

You you are brought to hostile land. Your mission is to transport some military gear to the pointed location on the map. Good luck!
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Gazzyboy Sports Shop escape

In this game, you are locked inside a sports shop when you came to buy some sports items.. Your objective is to escape from the sports shop.
Good Luck!!!
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You awaken to complete blackness.
You can’t see a thing…
As your eyes adjust to the gloom, you can make out vague shapes around you.
… a growl, low and menacing, from somewhere in the darkness sets you searching blindly for something to help you get out of here…
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Unearth 3

Unearth 3 is the third chapter in the Unearth point and click adventure series developed by Arimux Games and sponsored by Cafe Cafe Games. Last time you were abducted by an alien ship. Now the ship crashed in a strange forest and you have to search the place looking for objects and clues to solve misterious puzzles and continue your quest.
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Second chapter of unearth. A point and click adventure serie.
Find objects and clues in order to advance in this story.

Snatch’ Room

Escape the room game inspired by the Saw movie. You have 10 minutes to leave the room. Use your mouse and find the way to exit.
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