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    • Bob’s Adventure Episode 1
      Bob’s Adventure Episode 1 is point and click adventure game created by Dragon Adventure Studio, sponsored by EscapeFan.com. Explore fantasy lands and solve the mystery to complete first episode!
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    • Hotel Room Escape 3D
      Hotel Room Escape 3D is brand new 3D room escape game developed by HiddenKeyGames, sponsored by Escape Fan. Explore locked room, search for hints and clues to solve puzzles and obtain key-lock card. Unlock the door to escape!Play Hotel Room Escape 3D
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Lion Hearted Escape

The king of forest awaits!! Make a lion hearted escape from the forest without getting attacked by Ferocious Lion.

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Bad Memory Escape 7

New point and click room escape game created by Ainars for Gongtats.com.  Your memory has failed once again you find yourself in a room that full of puzzles. Search for items and solve all puzzles unlock door and drive away. Good Luck!

Play Bad Memory Escape 7

Roof Escape 2

Another new point and click escape the room type game. Search for items and complete all puzzles to escape from roof. Good Luck!

Play Roof Escape 2

Cinema Click

After sleeping through a boring movie, you’re stuck inside the theater. Solve some puzzles and search the site for items that will help you escape.

Play Cinema Click

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Room Escape – Ladies Gym

You re trapped in the Ladies Gym. The clue to open the park is somewhere inside. No one is there in the surrounding to ask for help. Is that easy for you to escape from the Ladies Gym with your mind stuffs alone If it is so, just escape.

Play Room Escape – Ladies Gym

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Treasure Dream Escape

Escape game created by GazzyBoy. Hello Friend assume that you had a twisted dream where you have been trapped in a room.You goal is to find the treasure room.Use the object around the room ,manage yourself to find the way to the treasure room. Hope You can find it All the best!

Play Treasure Dream Escape

Escape from the Lodge

Another Japanes point and click escape the room game from Mild Escape. Search for clues and itemes, solve puzzles and escape from locked room! Good Luck!

Play Escape from the Lodge

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